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Lost Themes

by: John Carpenter

03.03.2015 | Selected by Andy (aka Player 4)

I'm pretty excited about this month's pick. I've been a huge John Carpenter fan since childhood. For those of you unfamiliar with John Carpenter (for shame!), he's a horror director and an icon. Maybe you've heard of some of his films like: Halloween, The Thing, The Fog, Big Trouble in Little China, Escape from New York, They Live, etc, etc, etc.

One thing that always stood out to me about Carpenter's films was the soundtrack. I always found them so unique and catchy. Part of the reason for this is because Carpenter composed his own film scores; the most famous is probably Halloween. Everything he did always had an eerie synth sound to it and it's still stands out today. I'm not entirely sure what to expect with this new album, but I believe it will be a tad modern and more electro based. It was about 3 months ago I heard he was releasing this album, so I've been waiting patiently and I'm eager to give it a spin!