BT Brands and Launches Prospect North Gardens




BT Brands and Launches Prospect North Gardens

Posted By: Andy Lutz
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Over the past year, Bicycle Theory has been working with The Cornerstone Group on their new project, Prospect North Gardens (PNG). It is a mixed-used development, and the first step in a planned restorative district near the University of Minnesota.

Bicycle Theory was asked to design and produce the Logo, Website and Print collateral for this new development being built in Prospect Park North. We also assisted and worked with focus groups to make name recommendations.

BT needed to be considerate of not only the neighborhood’s history and project themes, but also the need to incorporate the people, places, transportation and geography.

The logo encompasses and represents Unity, Growth, Shelter and Foundation. Other elements of symbolism blended into the logo are Trees and Plants, which represent Growth, Life and Shelter. A green line represents the newly completed Green Line light rail transit system. The Green Line also connects the downtowns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul – the effect symbolizes the line coming together and acting as a gateway. The final shape is also reminiscent of a light bulb, which represents the core of the project and area – the thinkers and ideas.

For print collateral, BT created sell sheets in templates that would allow PNG to alter their sell sheets and information as needed. This also reduces needless waste, as they can print the amount they need at the time. To contain the sell sheets, we opted for a simple white folder garnished with a PNG sticker. The stickers can also be used for other applications such as mailers.

BT was also tasked with creating a clean and simple website; Squarespace was chosen for this purpose. BT also branded PNG’s social media.

The final result is a bright and engaging brand that captures the vibrancy of the people, the neighborhood, and the project. BT is proud of the work on this project and excited to see the development and district come to life!


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