What’s On – September 2014




What’s On – September 2014

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Another State Fair has come and gone. The kids are back in school and you’re slowly seeing Halloween decorations fill store shelves. For many, these are the signs that summer is coming to an end, but it also means another round of What’s On picks!





September 2014 Album Picks


They Want My Soul by Spoon

“The truth is, I don’t know that much about Spoon, except that I got into them waybackwhen they were on Matador Records. Since then, they’ve tightened, become more melodic and poppy, and come into their own as an indie star after the success of 2002′s Kill The Moonlight. ”

Read the full introduction to They Want My Soul by Spoon


Brill Bruisers by The New Pornographers

“The previous album we reviewed from The New Pornographers, “Together,” was my first real exposure to them, and is an album I grew to like a lot over time and still come back to”

Read the full introduction to Brill Bruisers by The New Pornographers


Near Dark by Dance With The Dead

“Dance With The Dead is a music duo out of Orange County, CA. Like most albums I’ve discovered lately, I stumbled upon them online. They have really cool album art that caught my eye, so I figured I’d check it out.”

Read the full introduction of Near Dark by Dance With The Dead



August 2014 Album Reviews


Dangerous Days by Perturbator

“Perturbator does not disappoint with his new album. Dangerous Days has his classic blend of horror movies and video game soundtracks. There is definitely a dark tone, but it still has a playfulness to it. ”

Read the full review of Dangerous Days by Perturbator


Southsiders by Atmosphere

“This is possibly the grooviest Atmosphere album I own. My first time through was a little slow, mostly because I was expecting something a little more upbeat, so I wasn’t quite in the right mood. A few spins later and this album continued to get better every single time.”

Read the full review of Southsiders by Atmosphere


Nathan by American Cream

“Well, this album is a trip. Layers of guitars, keyboards, horns, and who knows what else shift in and out across a landscape of noise. Some of it is pretty chill and clean, and some of it gets pretty chaotic. ”

Read the full review of Nathan by American Cream

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