What’s On – August 2014




What’s On – August 2014

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Wow, it’s already August! Can you believe it? Seriously, where did the summer go? With summer nearing an end, be sure to embrace these dog days and enjoy the weather. As you wade in your backyard kiddie pool and soak up the sun, check out these new What’s On picks! Summer may almost be over, but on the plus side, Pumpkin Mochas are just around the corner!




August 2014 Album Picks


Nathan by American Cream

“These guys, who hail from Saint Paul, opened for Dengue Fever at the Cedar in July, and I’d never heard or heard of them. They played three long songs, which were layered, slow-building-to-intense-climax, shoegazing tunes.”

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Dangerous Days by Perturbator

“I discovered Perturbator awhile back and really liked his ‘horror’ movie approach. There are certainly other guys out there doing a horror style as well, but Perturbator really stands out. The music I’ve heard in the past has always been high energy and intense.”

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Southsiders by Atmosphere

“I’ve been a big fan of our local hometown rap duo Atmosphere for quite some time. I haven’t read much on this album yet since I didn’t even see they had a new one until this week. I can’t keep up these days.”

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July 2014 Album Reviews


Donker Mag by Die Antwoord

“Well I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little disapointed. It’s not that I dislike this new album from Die Antwoord, it’s just not much different from their last album. Now don’t get me wrong, I think this is a pretty good album. I’m not exactally sure what I was expecting, I guess I just thought they might bring a little more to the table this time around.”

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How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident by Future Of The Left

“Falco and the gang have never failed to impress; my late introduction to the Mclusky discography was redeemed by the opportunity to witness the entirety of the existence of Future Of The Left. Skipping deftly across the vast minefield of post-punk sound and structure, the band’s new album…”

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BBC World Cup Mix by Diplo

“I referenced Diplo in my last pick and selected another one of his albums – Riddimentary – back in 2011. But the reason I selected this pick is that I’m a big fan of the beautiful game. And so nothing seemed more appropriate to introduce during football’s biggest event than a World Cup Mix.”

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