Featured Industry: Beverages




Featured Industry: Beverages

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a tasty beverage – be it the first cup of coffee in the morning or cold one at the end of the day. Fortunately for us, we’ve had the great pleasure of serving some of Minnesota’s leading producers, distributors, and advocates of liquid goodness within the beverage industry.


Bicycle Theory beverage clients

Bicycle Theory is proud to have worked for and with the following beverage-industry brands (listed in alphabetical order).


Capitol Beverage Sales

Capitol Beverage is a leading distributor of Anheuser-Busch products in the Twin Cities. They’re also a leader within the craft beer community, working tirelessly to introduce the Twin Cities to domestic craft beverages from across the United States.


Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

Dangerous Man is a leading (and highly decorated) Twin Cities microbrewery specializing in small batch production. Located in Northeast Minneapolis, they’ve forgone the traditional distribution model in favor of a community taproom where you have to actually show up to try their latest brew (while making a new friend or two).


MN Craft Brewers Guild

The MN Craft Brewers Guild plays a significant role in organizing and informing the efforts of Minnesota’s brewing community. They are also a strong advocate for the growth and expansion of craft brewing locally and throughout the state.


Peace Coffee

They may not brew beer, but Peace Coffee is a pioneer and leader of the fair trade coffee movement. And they have partnered with companies like Fulton Brewing to create War & Peace – a coffee-infused Russian Imperial Stout. But aside from producing an incredible product, their commitment to paying a living wage to farmers that only produce organic, shade grown coffee set a standard for their many imitators to follow. Plus, much of their local coffee delivery is done by bicycle!


Surly Brewing

Surly Brewing is probably Minneapolis’ most infamous and most admired craft breweries. Considered to be the leader of the second-wave of craft brewers in Minnesota – with Schell’s (the nation’s second-oldest brewery) and Summit Brewing being the first – they helped inspire the popular resurgence of canned beer. And they’re well on their way to being Minnesota’s leading destination brewery – once their new destination is built. In fact, Surly is almost single-handedly responsible for passing the ‘Surly Bill’ legislation that allowed for the creation of taprooms at breweries in MN.


The Four Firkins

THE Four Firkins is not your ordinary liquor store. In fact, they don’t sell liquor at all. Rather, they are Minnesota’s first specialty beer store. And more that that, they are Minnesota’s ‘craft beer authority’ – educating consumers about craft beer and advocating for its expansion (as well as Sunday liquor sales) throughout the state.


Beverage industry work samples

Here’s a taste (pun) of Bicycle Theory’s work for its beverage industry clients.

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