How and why small businesses use Twitter




How and why small businesses use Twitter

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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Twitter is a favorite platform of ours. Not only does Twitter give us a wider reach than other social media platforms; but in the last year, we’ve also seen the Twitter following overtake the number of Facebook likes we’ve accumulated for MPLS Bike Love.


What does Twitter overtaking Facebook mean?

Our inference – emphasis on ‘inference’ as this is not actually born out by the Pew Research statistics for 2013 – is that Twitter has wider appeal for business purposes than Facebook. That isn’t to say that Facebook isn’t a valuable tool. It is. But Twitter doesn’t seem to have the same Target effect, where you go in ‘quickly’ for one thing come out hours later with a cart full of stuff you didn’t realize you needed. Or in this case, pouring through feed content you didn’t originally intend to get sucked into.

Additionally, ever since everybody’s parents (and grandparents) started joining Facebook, the kids have started seeking out other tools – which is why Facebook snapped up (pun) Instagram. And this change in social media preferences is also why companies like Apple are starting to mimic the ‘self destruct’ feature found in tools like SnapChat. But we digress.


How and why should Twitter be used for small business promotion?

Rather than explain how and why Twitter is a great tool for small business, we’ll just point you to the following infographic from Twitter itself. After all, as Twitter proves with 140 characters limits, less is more – especially when it comes to reading during a frenetic day of business.

New insights on how to use Twitter for your business

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