Reintroducing the Ryan Estis experience!




Reintroducing the Ryan Estis experience!

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Ryan Estis website - newAre you experienced?


Ryan Estis is quickly becoming one of the most popular keynote speakers in the nation. And thanks to a little help from Bicycle Theory, his website (and visual brand identity) is now an accurate reflection of why some of the world’s leading brands seek him out – leadership!



When Ryan Estis & Associates first approached Bicycle Theory, they were looking for a partner. They wanted somebody that understood the technical challenges Ryan was facing with his website, but also understood the brand and marketing opportunities in front of him.



In addition to BT’s standard analysis and definition protocols, we conducted a series of stakeholder interviews with some of Ryan’s top clients and referrers to get a better handle on their wants and needs. We then paired that feedback against their existing Web stats to inform the best ways to organize and present content in a compelling fashion.


Ryan Estis website - Before and afterWEBSITE REDESIGN + REDEVELOPMENT

Ryan’s old website was dark, slow, and outdated. His new site, by contrast, is light, fast, and cutting edge – utilizing the latest and greatest user interface technologies, like parallax scrolling effects. And best of all – thanks to its responsive design – it works seamlessly across devices, no matter the screen size. Bicycle Theory even devised a mechanism to launch and play video within the featured image space of the Home page and other pages.

The new website was built using WordPress – the platform Ryan was already using and most comfortable with – an includes the following noteworthy features:

  • Custom Theme – BT designed and produced a custom theme for Ryan based on our own VenYou responsive framework, but customized to match the brand and the site’s architecture. And best of all, it works much better (and displays content far more consistently) than the vast majority of ‘off the shelf’ themes that can be purchased for WordPress.
  • Responsive Design – The new website implements a responsive design approach which allows it to display page contents based on the end-user’s screen size – allowing a single website to work well and look great on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones – no matter their resolution.
  • Parallax Scrolling – The new website includes parallax scrolling effects, which create visual depth between elements as a user scrolls down a page.
  • In-line Video – The main image area of Home page doubles as a video host, allowing users to watch an introductory video within the image space itself (rather than in an overlay or on a separate page).
  • Floating Callout– A ‘Book Ryan’ callout was attached to the right side of the browser frame and “follows” users as they scroll down the page.
  • Custom Content – BT also created a custom content type for Ryan’s Speaking and Training topic detail pages, which utilize featured videos, related Blog Posts, and more.


Ryan Estis logo - Before and afterLOGO UPDATES

In addition to the website redesign and redevelopment, Bicycle Theory also helped Ryan Estis & Associates update their logo to better reflect the Ryan Estis experience. We started by replacing the old logotype with something a big more sophisticated and contemporary. We then selected a brighter red to give the composition a bit more energy. And finally, we made the conscious decision to drop ‘& Associates’ from the masthead to personalize things a bit more. After all, it’s Ryan that the people want!



The website has only been live for a few days, but the initial response to beta testing been overwhelmingly positive. Not only is the stakeholder group happy, but the client is excited!

“As our business evolved the website was no longer a quality representation of our work product. We did a very thorough search, interviewing potential partners for our site upgrade project and selected Bicycle Theory. They listened, learned and challenged us to develop a site that pushed us beyond our own vision of the next iteration of our brand. More importantly, they delivered. On time, on budget and a much improved user experience. We have a site that accurately reflects our brand experience and the initial feedback from customers and channel partners has been all positive!”

– Ryan Estis



In the short term, BT and Ryan Estis will monitor website effectiveness, as gauged by traffic, booking requests, and social media response. This new data will then be used to inform best next steps as Ryan continues to establish his place within the upper echelon of keynote speakers.


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