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Keeping It Rural

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Blandin Foundation continues to improve its Web presence with help from Bicycle Theory


Bicycle Theory has had the great pleasure of serving Blandin Foundation – Minnesota’s largest rural-focused (and based) non-profit – since 2008. And in that time we’ve produced multiple websites across multiple platforms, consulted on brand and Internet marketing strategies, helped integrate public and private-facing systems, and so much more.

This past week, BT did it again by launching a significant new update to And prior to that, Bicycle Theory launched a new Leadership microsite for the organization, which effectively consolidated a series of initiative-based websites into a single department-focused site.



The Where We’ve Been section of was originally created as a way for Blandin Foundation to visually show the scope of it’s reach throughout its history. However, with such a deep and rich history, the original intent was quickly overwhelmed by a sea of colored data points that didn’t make intuitive sense to new users.

To resolve this new challenge, Bicycle Theory devised a dashboard solution that would still illustrate the foundation’s scope, but in a way that provided greater context for the data and how it was distributed. And with regards to the latter, BT created ‘region’ detail pages to provide additional context for Blandin Foundation’s contributions based on how they dissect the state Minnesota.



When Blandin Foundation asked Bicycle Theory for a plan to redesign and redevelop the Blandin Foundation family of websites, we spent considerable time pouring through the Web stats we collected over the years. In the process, we determined that it made more sense to group some of the less visible microsites with their better performing brethren. This would not only create more visibility for all initiatives within the Leadership program area, but would also reduce maintenance costs.

The result is a beautiful new Leadership website that includes information about all the initiatives the department is responsible for – from BCLP (Blandin Community Leadership Program) to LPEP (Leaders Partnering to End Poverty). It features a responsive design that visually aligns with the parent brand, but still retains the department’s ability to marketing the programs and services with sufficient autonomy.


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