Bicycle Theory helps TRU impress the best




Bicycle Theory helps TRU impress the best

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We already posted about the inventory management system Bicycle Theory helped created for TRU Events & Marketing, but then their e-newsletter hit our inbox with this little write-up. Unfortunately, there was no link link to their site with more information, so we boosted it for our own publication (and bragging rights).


About the Inventory Management System



TRU Manages Assets for World’s Largest Spirits Distributor with Custom Inventory System

The nation’s largest spirits distributor was looking for a larger warehouse space to store over 300 POS and other merchandising items. They were also looking to make the switch from an Excel-based inventory management system to a cloud-based inventory system to by used by their merchandising reps. On the wish list was a system that could provide an accurate inventory count, images of the items available and also an online tool that could be accessed anytime and anywhere to order samples and see what’s available. Enter TRU. Working with a team of developers in Minneapolis, TRU was able to deliver a solution that fit their needs to a “t”. By using the system’s robust “search and filter” system, reps are now able to view a picture of the POS items available to them before ordering.


So who is TRU Events & Marketing?



TRU was formed 13 years ago by the husband and wife team of Rachael and James Cash. This seemingly small agency boasts an impressive client roster that includes consumer brands giants like PepsiCo and DIAGEO and PepsiCo brands such as Mountain Dew, Frito Lay, Quaker Oats and Gatorade, to name a few. TRU is not your typical agency. For one, there are dogs allowed in the office. Also, although it is an agency, TRU prides itself on being a “vendor-friendly” agency that works well with others, including other agencies.


And that last bit about being ‘vendor-friendly’ is definitely TRU!


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