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Our friends at MORC (Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists) have been up to some pretty cool things recently. And since we’ve been part of those things, we wanted to share them with our other friends.


MORC 20th Anniversary


MORC is celebrating 20 years of MTB (Mountain Bike) advocacy across the state of Minnesota.

Earlier this year, we told you how Bicycle Theory designed the 20th anniversary MORC logo. Then we alluded to their being more. Well, the “more” is a series of season graphics we also created for the masthead of their new (currently in-progress) website, which they are producing internally. But since they’ve started using it on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, we got their permission to give you all a sneak preview. So without further ado …

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall … all you have to do is RIDE YOUR BIKE!!!


Limited Edition ART Prints


As part of the 20 year celebration, MORC also commissioned a limited edition poster from another friend of ours – the illustrious Adam Turman. And since we also spend a considerable amount of time in the saddle with Mr. Turman, we got permission from him (and MORC) to give you all a sneak preview of it as well.

Want to know how many are being made, how much they cost, where to buy one, and when. Then, we’d suggest you start following MORC on Twitter or like MORC on Facebook.




And last but not least, the MORC crew was recently awarded $33K from Bell bike helmets to improve the Cottage Grove Bike Park. With a little help from their friends – like our own MPLS Bike Love – MORC was able to take Central Region honors, narrowly beating the CAMBr (Chicago Area Mountain Bikers) association in a vote-off as part of the Bell Built program.

CONGRATULATIONS YOUS GUYS! We can’t wait to get dirty.


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