What’s On – May 2014




What’s On – May 2014

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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With April showers (hopefully) making way for May flowers, we present the following new office album selections for your listening pleasure.

PS. If you’ve listened to any of this picks yourself, we’d love to hear your comments as well!


May 2014 Album Picks


Everday Robots by Damon Albarn

Selected by Ryan

“I’ve been a fan of Damon through his work with Blur, Gorillaz, the album Monkey: Journey to the West, and even The Good, The Bad & The Queen even though a previous employee of ours RUINED THAT ALBUM for me by playing it first thing every day for a year.”

Read the full introduction for Everday Robots by Damon Albarn


Abra Kadavar by Kadavar

Selected by Bjorn

“Last week, I missed a show by Graveyard, one of my favorite of the European psych-rock revival bands. One of the openers was Germany’s Kadavar, who I’m told were a perfect fit on the bill with their Black Sabbath-influenced, full-retro show.”

Read the full introduction of Abra Kadavar by Kadavar


Skull and Shark by Lazerhawk

Selected by Andy

“I’ve been a fan of Lazerhawk for awhile now, he’s one of the first Retrowave artists I heard when I discovered the genre. His style is a mix of electro and dark synth.  The sound is something that feels like it was pulled right off of an 80s B-movie or horror flick!”

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April 2014 Album Reviews


In the Ley Lines by Denque Fever

Selected by Jeremy

“First up, a correction from the intro: I learned shortly after picking this album that it is not a new studio recording. The first half has four newly arranged and recorded tracks that were previously released elsewhere, plus one track that’s never been recorded. The second half is 5 tracks from a live performance.”

Read the full review of In the Ley Lines by Dengue Fever


Harlequin Dream by Boy and Bear

Selected by Ben

“Boy and Bear’s Harlequin Dream immediately took me back to my days listening to Wilco. In fact, had Boy and Bear not been introduced to me, I would almost certainly mistake the first track – entitled “Southern Sun” – for a Wilco tune.”

Read the full review of Harlequin Dream by Boy and Bear


Piñata by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Selected by Bjorn

“In some ways a throwback to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, in others a fully modern rap record, this collaboration between the master producer Madlib and now-veteran rapper Freddie Gibbs has a fantastic vintage feel behind some hard-ass lyrics.”

Read the full review of Piñata by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

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