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Featured Industry: Bicycling

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At Bicycle Theory, we’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to help clients of all shapes, sizes, and flavor take their next step – whatever that may be. But as our name implies, we have a special place in our hearts for brands that work in (or touch) the bicycle industry.

Moreover, as residents of the most bad[@$$] cycling city in the nation*, we’re blessed to work with some of the industry’s greatest innovators – the small businesses that push the boundaries of what can and should be done on two wheels. After all, these are the trendsetting brands the big guys watch before dipping their own toes in the water.

Now, before you get your knickers in a twist, we’re not saying that the big guys don’t innovate or set their own trends, because they do. Take QBP, for example. Started in a garage, they have become one of the biggest bicycle companies in the world with a multitude of smaller brands under their umbrella – including Surly, Salsa, and more! Or look at what the legendary Minnesota brand 3M is doing with Cervelo – proof that the inventors of Scotch Tape and Post-It notes are a cycling ‘tour de force’ in their own right!

But even the big brands started as smaller ones. And more likely than not, it was their ability to go beyond their limitations – and the imaginations of other industry stalwarts – that made them successful in the first place.

Nor should any of this imply that we don’t want to work with bigger brands, because we do. And we’ll kick a lot of asphalt for them as well. But until that call comes, we’re happy to work with the smaller local brands that epitomize the entrepreneurial fire that drives any successful business.

* Self-proclaimed and completely defendable – especially after this past winter!


Bicycle Theory cycling clients

Bicycle Theory is proud to have worked for and with the following bike-related brands (listed in alphabetical order).


A-train Cycles

A-train Cycles is a relatively new addition to the Minneapolis custom frame building scene with the proven ability to make lugged steel bicycles that are nothing short of remarkable.


Behind Bars Bicycle Shop

Behind Bars is a independent local bike shop located in storied Northeast Minneapolis.



Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN)

BikeMN is one of Minnesota’s leading bicycle advocacy organizations whose goal is to make “Minnesota a state where bicycling is a safe, easy, fun and cool choice for everyone.”


Full Cycle Bike Shop

Full Cycle Bike Shop is a nonprofit organization affiliated with Pillsbury United Communities whose mission is to provide job skills training and work experience to homeless youth in Minneapolis.


Greenstar Bikes

Greenstar Bikes is one of the first – if not the first – companies to mass-produce bamboo bicycles. And even more significantly, they were able to do wo while maintaining a retail price point is beyond reasonable.


Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists (MORC)

MORC is Minnesota’s leading advocate for and authority of Mountain Bike trail creation and maintenance. MORC is also a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA).


MPLS Bike Love

In 2010 Bicycle Theory acquired and now operates MPLS Bike Love – a local cycling forum that was instrumental in helping Minneapolis secure its place as Bicycling Magazine’s number one cycling city in America.


Pacenti Cycle Design

Kirk Pacenti is a custom frame builder and parts supplier located in Chatanooga, TN. He has worked for the likes of Bontrager, Giro, Rivendell, Litespeed, and Merlin. He has also been instrumental in developing the 650b MTB category.


Peacock Groove

Peacock Groove is the business monicker of Erik Noren – the most infamous bicycle frame builder in Minneapolis. Specializing in making ‘deep custom’ steel bicycles, Erik is the only frame builder using TIG welds in the Twin Cities.


Podiumwear Custom Apparel

Podiumwear operates out of Saint Paul and has been a leader in custom ski apparel for years. But over the last few seasons, they’ve also started making a name for themselves in the cycling industry as well. And this is due, in part, to Kristen Larsen who was recruited from performance apparel pioneer Descente.


Rawland Cycles

Rawland was the first cycling brand we ever had the please of working with. Not only were they one of the first to recognize and embrace the burgeoning gravel racing movement, but they were also one of the first to realize the benefits of being able to run the 650B tire size.


Speedhound Design Bureau

Bicycle Theory has done more work with Speedhound bikes than any other cycling brand – which we love because Speedhound is also one of the most innovative brands we’ve ever had the pleasure to serve. In fact, they hold the patent on a dropout system that not only allows you to run a belt drive, but allow gives you the flexibility to build their frame up in a myriad of different ways – including fixed gear, road, and gravel.

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Cycling industry work samples

Here’s a taste of Bicycle Theory’s work for its bicycle industry clients.


More bicycle loving friends

And last but not least, we’d like to give shout outs to the other cycling brands we’ve had the good fortune to meet and build relationships with through Bicycle Theory, the Bicycle Theory Cycling Club, and MPLS Bike Love.


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