SEO Resources: Trusted Sources




SEO Resources: Trusted Sources

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Part 1 of 4 –There are so many blogs and content sources dedicated to Search Engine Optimization and there are so many additional ways to aggregate that content. So here is a list of some of more established authority resources Bicycle Theory turns to when learning more about and staying up to date with SEO.


Search Engines



Google is – and should be – the primary focus of any SEO initiative. Not only does it provide the best search tools in the world, but also supports search with a whole suite of tools – most of them free – that simply make the Web a better place.

As of February 2014, Google remains the world’s most popular search engine capturing over 70% of all global search requests. Baidu – China’s largest search engine – takes the second position with about 15%. And they are followed by Yahoo! and Bing respectively, both of whom capture approximately 6% each. [Source]


Yahoo! / Bing

With a combined 12% market share, Yahoo! and Bing are quite relevant. But as separate entities powered by the same search tools, it’s hard to argue that either deserves the same attention as Google.


SEO Companies


Bicycle Theory doesn’t work with any of these companies directly; however, we do trust their expertise and consider them authorities in the field of SEO.



MOZ, formerly known as SEO MOZ, started as an SEO consultancy and has since become an ‘inbound marketing’ SaaS (Software as a Service) provider.



HubSpot claims to be the number 1 marketing software platform, providing a competitive SaaS (Software as a Service) solution similar to the one offered by MOZ.


Cardinal Path

Cardinal Path is a professional consultancy with offices across the United States and Canada that provides SEO services and training.


Websites / Blogs


And last but not least, here are a few websites that have established their authority in ever-growing world of SEO news, specifically.



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