What’s On – April 2014




What’s On – April 2014

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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Spring has officially sprung and we have 3 new picks for office tunes provided by a different group of Bicycle Theory staff members.


Harlequin Dream by Boy & Bear

Selected by Ben: “Folk Rock isn’t really isn’t something I have much knowledge about; so before buying it, I turned to the Googlebox and found their video for their track ‘Rabbit Song.’ … Not only was the video very clever, but it included hella bicycles – which sealed the deal for me.”

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In the Ley Lines by Dengue Fever

Selected by Jeremy: “A former BT-er alerted us to an upcoming Dengue Fever show in Minneapolis this summer, which led me to see they had a new album out last year, which led me to this pick. I’ll probably still be happy if I like this album half as much as the previous one, but hopefully it’s at least as good!”

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Piñata by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Selected by Bjorn: “I caught a couple of tracks off this new record from legendary producer Madlib and Freddie Gibbs, whose real street background comes through on this underheard rap gem.”

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March Reviews

And for those of you following month’s picks, the reviews are now in!


Morning Phase by Beck

Selected by Jeremy: “There is certainly a continuity from “Sea Change” right out of the gate here, both sonically and in the cover art. And like the cover art, there’s some additional detail and sparkle in the music this time around. Many layers come into play to create a lush soundscape ripe for good speakers or headphones and a sunny weekend morning to take it in.”

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The Flip is Another Honey by Mike Doughty

Selected by Ryan: “Well done Mr. Doughty! Another gem in the catalog and certainly one hell of a collection of covers. Quirky awesomeness indeed.”

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Shadows by The New Division

Selected by Andy: “All of the influences on Shadows like Joy Division, New Order and Depeche Mode are clearly heard throughout the album. However, as I was listening I started to notice, at times, that The New Division bare a striking musical resemblance to The Big Pink. This isn’t a bad thing at all, I really like The Big Pink. There just happens to be a few tracks that are very similar in tone and style.”

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