New logo celebrates 20 Years of MORC




New logo celebrates 20 Years of MORC

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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The Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists organization – or MORC – is celebrating 20 years of mountain bike – or MTB – advocacy. And to help mark the occasion, they commissioned Bicycle Theory to create a twentieth anniversary logo.

Aside: MORC also commissioned BT to create some other stuff as well; but those items are still ‘top secret.’ So keep your ears on for future announcements.


About MORC

MORC is the leading authority when it comes to the creation and management of MTB trail systems throughout Minnesota. In fact, until recently, they were effectively the only official organization advocating for greater MTB access within the state.


About the 20th anniversary logo

The new anniversary logo was designed to commemorate MORC’s success in a way that included existing logo while also nodding to Minnesota mountain bike culture.  To do this, BT kept the aesthetic simple while also emphasizing the significance of their longevity.

By setting strong numerals over the MORC logotype and incorporated an evergreen tree line graphic in the baseline, we were able to capture both the nature of the local scene, as well as the magnitude of MORC’s contributions to it.


Bicycle Theory Logo

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