New business card day for A-Train Cycles




New business card day for A-Train Cycles

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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The logo we designed for A-Train Cycles a few years back is still one of our favorite pieces. Featuring clean lines and sharp typography, it is set apart by a graphic mark so dynamic it reads like an epic saga.

Eh? Eh? You like that? “… so dynamic it reads like an epic saga.” Take that, copy nerds!

But I digress. Today we’re equally excited to have designed the new A-Train Cycles business cards, which were then produced by our friends (and former neighbors) at Angel Bomb studio!

These two-sided beauties were letterpress printed on coaster stock! That’s right, COASTER STOCK – because thicker paper allows for deeper impressions.


And for a guy that makes steel bicycle frames by hand, how much cooler can you get? They look beautiful AND you can put drinks on them!

So even after a long night at the bar, they’ll still look great. At worst, you get a bit of free ‘character’ thrown in for good measure. At best, you aren’t going to loose the digits you just scored!

CHOO CHOO! [Train reference]


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