GENTS Cycling Jerseys




GENTS Cycling Jerseys

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What do you get somebody that has nothing and wants everything?


What do you get a bicyclist that already has a bunch of mass-produced jerseys, but nothing that truly represents what it means to be a good-natured adventure seeker?

One of these!



Introducing the 2014 GENTS jersey


Designed by Bicycle Theory and produced by Podiumwear Custom Apparel, the new #GENTS jersey will be available for sale to anybody that wants to order one.

Inspired by the 1954 French National Team cycling jersey, this classic design is easy to identify in a crowd and looks just as good with black lycra shorts as it does kicking around in your favorite pair of knickers.



Who are the GENTS?


A GENT is any person that rides for the love of cycling, is generally good-natured, and is willing to stop in relief of a fellow adventure seeker in distress.

We’re effectively the Saint Bernards of cycling. We may not move fast, but we’ll get there. And we’ll probably have cocktails.

The GENTS Club is the name adopted by Adam Turman, Charles Youel (founder of ARTCRANK), and Ben McCoy (founder of Bicycle Theory) a few years back when we started making it a point to plot out and ride longer distances in and around the Twin Cities. And what good is a band without a name?



How do I purchase a GENTS jersey?


The Podiumwear Team Store is expected to open mid-March and will close in early April and will be open to everyone! Once open, you will only have a 2-week window to order. You’ll just need the password, which we will provide when available.

We will be using Podiumwear’s Silver Full Zip Short Sleeve Jerseys (in both Men’s and Women’s cuts), which have a semi-form fit .The price is expected to be approximately $75 per jersey.

PLEASE NOTE: We’re not making a profit on these. We wanted to make jerseys for us and are simply making them available to anybody else that might want one.

Purchase updates will be posted to the Bicycle Theory Facebook page and Twitter profile, so stay tuned!


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