What’s On – March 2014




What’s On – March 2014

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We started What’s On years ago as a way to bring new music into the office and encourage employees to share their preferred sounds with others. And for the longest time, we did so on a weekly rotation. Unfortunately, we’ve always struggled to stay as engaged with it as we’d like – especially during busy times. So we’re trying something new by moving to a monthly rotation.

This month, the Bicycle Theory office will have the following three albums playing in rotation. And at the end of the month, each of the employees that selected an album will provide us with a thoughtful – potentially though-provoking – review.

And to that end, we encourage anybody else that would like to follow along or share opinions about any of these picks by commenting on this post.

So without further ado … here are the What’s On picks for March 2014!



Album 1: Shadows by The New Division

Album 2: Morning Phase by Beck

Album 3: The Flip is Another Honey by Mike Doughty


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