Cow-abunga, dudes!




Cow-abunga, dudes!

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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Happy 13th birthday, Bicycle Theory!


We may not be heroes in a half shell. And we may not be green. But as of today, we are officially teenagers! And that’s all the excuse we needed to create our own Teenage Mutant Ninja Theorists action figure parody set, featuring:

  • Clovis as Master Splinter
  • Ben as Leonardo
  • Jeremy as Donatello
  • Ryan as Michelangelo
  • Andy as Raphael
  • Bjorn as Casey Jones – Who eventually hooked up with April O’Neil, FTW.

Instructions – BT Power!

Just download (PDF), print, cut, and fold your way to butt-kicking brand adventures with Bicycle Theory!

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