Raise a glass for the new Capitol Beverage Sales website!




Raise a glass for the new Capitol Beverage Sales website!

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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Capitol Beverage Sales is one of the largest beverage distributors in the Twin Cities. And it has a rich history with origins dating back to 1951 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Originally called Capitol City Distributing, it started as a very small business that only had a 5% market share. In 1994, the Morrissey Family purchased Capitol City Distributing and changed the name to Capitol Beverage Sales. And by 2006, the company had grown to distributing 3,800,000 cases of Anheuser-Busch brands throughout the Twin Cities.

Unfortunately, even though Capitol has experienced tremendous success, their website had largely been ignored and languished to the point where it added very little value to users – especially the bars and retail establishments that rely on the distributor. So they called on Bicycle Theory to help them start getting the Web house in order.

As a B2B company, there is very little need for information beyond the Brands they carry. So the new Capitol Beverage website was kept simple – providing a high-level summary of the brands it carries with links to their respective websites. And because it was built using Bicycle Theory’s own VenYou Basic package, it also includes some really great design features – including a responsive design for mobile visitors, as well as ‘sticky’ navigation for desktop users.

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