The new Dangerous Man website is a safe bet




The new Dangerous Man website is a safe bet

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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Dangerous Man is more than a craft brewery, taproom, or bar


The beauty of Dangerous Man Brewing Company is that you must go to the brewery if you want the beer. And so the taproom – which is actually more of a drinking hall – is always full. But unlike most “bars,” Dangerous Man is full of people that appreciate the finest thing about beer – the camaraderie!


Who is the Dangerous Man?


If you’ve ever met Rob Miller, you know that his Dangerous Man moniker has nothing to do with his personality. That might be a different story if you’re one of his “competitors,” but we kind of doubt it.

Even though Rob and his team have been racking up craft brewing awards like it’s their day job – which it is – their reputation for playing nice with others – including other craft brewers – is widely known.


Introducing the new Dangerous Man Brewing Co website

The old DMBC website was more of a page. It included relevant contact and travel information and provided a link to the shop and blog, but it lacked cohesion. And it was hard to find beer information on the main page. So our main focus with the new Dangerous Man website was to make the important information as easy to find as possible, while also making sure it was an accurate reflection of the Dangerous Man brand.

After all, what better way to kill some time at the counter of Minneapolis’ hottest new craft brewery than paging through the beer archives and realizing just how talented and versatile artists can be when distribution isn’t the top priority?

And of course, the website has a bunch of other stuff too, like taproom details – including hours, location, and travel information – and staff bios. It also boasts some cool  “tech” – including a responsive design for mobile visitors and ‘sticky’ navigation for desktop users.


Get dangerous, man!


Enough about the website. You’ll have plenty of time to check it out sitting in the Dangerous Man taproom enjoying a Chocolate Milk Stout (or another great pour). That is, assuming you don’t make a friend – which often happens at Dangerous Man.

So as our mascot Clovis would advise, “get a moo-ve on!”


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