Featured Service: Custom Web Development




Featured Service: Custom Web Development

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Web-based software and third-party platform integration


Bicycle Theory prides itself on its ability to design and produce custom Web content and functionality – including complex system development and platform integration.


Volunteer Registration System

Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (Bike MN)

BT designed and produced a volunteer management system that allows Bike MN event volunteers to register online. It also allows volunteer coordinators to create, manage, and export lists to MS Excel.


Member Registration System

California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (AEOE)

The first part of a multi-stage Web initiative, BT designed and produced a custom member management system with e-commerce functionality to help users complete the following tasks.

  • Become new members or renew their AEOE membership, including dues payment.
  • Register for complex, multi-day destination events – including lodging, meal, and seminar preferences. And as part of the process, users can also become a member, renew their membership, and/or purchase event-related soft goods.
  • Manage their membership profiles including personal information.
  • View purchase history records through individual user accounts.

Additionally, AEOE’s administrators use BT’s VenYou CMS to manage membership profiles and event registration, create fee-based events, and produce conference registration, and financial reports.


Custom Web Directories + Salesforce Integration

Blandin Foundation

Bicycle Theory has worked with Blandin Foundation to collect and display information about their giving efforts – including their entire history of grants, leadership, and broadbrand programs. Users can view this information visually (using Google maps) or in list format. They can also search this data using advanced criteria – including year, city, recipient type, and related attributes.

BT also continues to work with Blandin Foundation on their Salesforce integration efforts – including Web form integration, managing program applications, and providing statistical data back to the website.


Custom E-commerce Reporting + Accounting Integration

Peace Coffee

Bicycle Theory helped Peace Coffee rebuild their original e-commerce website, including an import of existing customer account data. And as part of that process, BT also worked with Peace Coffee to define and create custom VenYou reports and integrate the data with their existing accounting systems and software.


Custom E-commerce Reporting + POS Integration

The Four Firkins

Bicycle Theory helped The Four Firkins design and produce an e-commerce website that included custom user accounts so that users could rate beers and provide comments. And following of that project, BT then worked with The Four Firkins to integrate the Web sales data with their retail POS system. This ensures that all sales data is accurately fed to their accounting system while synchronizing inventory counts between in-store and online purchases.


Custom Web Development Clients

Our custom Web development clients include brands of all shapes, sizes, and flavors.


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Bicycle Theory is a brand marketing company located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN. Bicycle Theory provides strategic and tactical brand marketing services, including Web design and development, Internet marketing, brand strategy, and identity building.

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