What’s up with the Bicycle Theory Cycling Club?




What’s up with the Bicycle Theory Cycling Club?

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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The #BTriders are off and into the sunset.


So it’s over?

Yes and no. Mostly yes.

The time and energy required to organize, promote, and support a team is a big commitment. It’s also a potential liability. And unfortunately, the work requirement is greater than our available resources.

But the fact is, the #BTriders did what we set out to do last year. So what would be the point this year?

Our only real option would be to go bigger. To do that, we’d need more money. And to get more money, we’d need to build a program that collects dues and/or generates enough return on investment for sponsors to help foot the bill.

And suddenly, it’s a job.


This year we go it alone

We started gravel “racing” for fun. And the cycling community’s renewed interest in gravel racing is grounded in the idea of being unsupported.

It’s about getting lost in the distance. It’s about testing your mettle. But most importantly, it’s about enjoying the ride.

It was the idea of a shared experience that compelled us to form the #BTriders. So even though we say goodbye to the label, we’ll always have that shared experience. But the riders and sponsors will continue to do their things. And we’ll still be throwing low fives and riding together. We’re just eliminating the formality.


Its work, but it ain’t no job

Pedaling a bicycle over 100+ miles of gravel may be work, but it’s not a job – especially with your friends. And this may be part of the reason Chris Skogen is taking Almanzo back to its roots?

Rather than worrying about helping others make money, why not just enjoy the ride?



Thank you again and again to the 2013 #BTriders and Bicycle Theory Cycling Club sponsors. It was an amazing experience and I personally look forward to throwing low fives will all of you down the line.

And for those interested, a small group of us will be reuniting as the Gents Club – an unaffiliated group of friends that enjoy riding bikes together and wear matching jerseys.

What can we say? We like being part of a club.



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