New Speedhound cycling jackets




New Speedhound cycling jackets

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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At the beginning our 2013 #BTriders initiative, Chris Cleveland from Speedhound bikes graciously lent one of his OnlyOne™ demo rigs to Kristine Larsen from Podiumwear Custom Apparel.

Needless to say, the Speedhound OnlyOne™ rode like a dream and following the season, Kristine wanted to thank Chris for his generosity. So she asked Bicycle Theory to design a Speedhound-branded cycling jacket that she could produce through Podiumwear as a gift to Chris. And Bicycle Theory (BT) happily agreed, on condition that jackets also are produced for the team co-captains, who just happen to be Speedhound owners.

[Pictured above: The 'Team Speedhound' subset of #BTriders at the start of Almanzo. From left to right: Ben McCoy, Kristine Larsen, Chris Cleveland, and Adam Turman.]


The Design Process

BT started the project by sending several concepts to Podiumwear for review.

Then, after narrowing it down to the final design, Bicycle Theory sent the final artwork and graphics to Podiumwear for production.

The Result

A few weeks later, Kristine presented the final product to Chris, who was nothing short of thrilled.

Captain Adam Turman was equally excited. And as the other team captain and ‘thank you’ conspirator, Ben was beyond impressed with how everything turned out.

What a team. Thank you all!

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