Paper plus digital: The BT holiday card




Paper plus digital: The BT holiday card

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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Every year, we try to do something special with our holiday card. It started with cute pictures of Clovis. Then last year we stepped it was a Papercraft Clovis doll. And so this year, we wanted to keep things “crafty,” but still wanted to go one step further.

We started by creating a card that becomes a full-on ‘winter wonderland’ diorama featuring Clovis and company, which is pretty bad @$$ on its own. But then we added a digital component accessed via a QR code –OR– the following URL:

That QR code (and link) allowed the recipient to look inside Clovis’ house, write a message in the frost on the window, and then share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

It won’t melt your face, but it may just warm your heart.

And remember…

It’s never too late to spread some holiday cheer!

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