#BTriders – Thank You




#BTriders – Thank You

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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This past weekend, Foxy, Boomer, and I rode a brisk 50 miles of limestone and pavement. And on this ride, we reflected on the Bicycle Theory Cycling Club experiment a bit.

It started the way it ended – cold and wet. Each of us found and tested our own limitations. But what didn’t kill us definitely made us stronger.


Win-Loss Record

Of the 7 events we participated in, I’d put our record at 6-1. And on the face of it, our list of events and accomplishments therein is quite impressive.

Our only loss came against Heck of the North. But that loss inspired us to rally in victory over the Dirt Bag. So lesson learned.

But what the stats really reveal is really impressive …

The #BTriders that finished their events travelled over 22,345 collective miles! And that doesn’t include training miles or the event miles completed by riders that did not finish the event(s) they started.

So even though our Finish Percentage is technically a B, we’re going to consider the record, training miles, and miles completed as extra credit. And in my opinion, that puts us in solid A range.


Finisher’s Podium

The #BTriders may not have been podium contenders, but more often than not we found ourselves right where we wanted to be – on the ‘finisher’s podium.’

Hat tip to Justin for a couple podium finishes! But what was most valuable is the mushy stuff. And I’m not talking mud.

We did exactly what we set out to do – reach our own podiums together. Along the way, challenges were shared and met. Low fives were thrown. Friendships were forged. And limits were pushed. But what’s most inspiring is the chatter starting about next year.


Next Year

Will the #BTriders be back again next year?

We don’t know. We’ll almost definitely all share rides together, but 6 months to Almanzo is a long time for things to change for each of us. So whether or not we circle the wagons once again or embark on other adventures is very much TBD.

But until then, thank you!


Thank You #BTriders

Thank you to each and every 2013 member of the Bicycle Theory Cycling Club.

  • Adam ‘Boomer’ Turman
  • Phil Velo
  • Chris Cleveland
  • Greg Neis
  • Bjorn Christianson
  • Kristine Larson
  • Willie Humke
  • Ben Lagerquist
  • Dave ‘Foxy’ Knox(y) – AKA ‘Buffalo Dave’
  • Jessica Baltzley
  • Justin Schuetz
  • Alex ‘The Arm Breaker’ Anderson
  • Landon Bouma
  • Greta Almquist

Thank You Sponsors

And last but not least, a very special thank you to our fantastic sponsors. Their contributions to our success were invaluable and very much appreciated. Please support them. We certainly do.

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