#BTriders – Dirt Bag Recap




#BTriders – Dirt Bag Recap

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Smiles after 87 long cold miles. From L to R: Adam Turman, Kristine Larsen, Ben McCoy, Jessica Baltzley, and Willie Humke.

The Dirt Bag sucked so good.

Saturday, October 19 ended up being another horrible weather day for racing. If the temperature ever got above 40 degrees, tell that to the sleet. (Y)uck.

But before we go 87 miles forward, let me step back. I posted this to Facebook a few days back …

“I’ve been struggling with the prospect of snow (and guarantee of cold) for this weekend’s Dirt Bag. It seems I forgot the rules. #BTriders

(5) Harden The Fuck Up.

(6) Free your mind and your legs will follow.

(9) If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.”

And to it, I attached this link … http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/

You see, I had been openly hinting (read: whining and warning) all week that if it rained,  I would NOT … NOT … NOT … be riding in another wet cold race. Heck of the North was not the event I was hoping to repeat this year. And considering how beautiful The Filthy 50 was, I would not have lamented ending our season on that high note.

But race day came and it wasn’t raining at 6:00 AM – at least not in Minneapolis.  Moreover, the temperature actually felt bearable. So I racked the car, picked up Adam, and we headed to Clearwater with a quick stop at McDonalds to fill our guts – our Fall Season tradition.

Then it started. On the drive up the rain came down. Adam stopped me before I could even start complaining. The radar said we were passing through the worst of it and the rest of the day should be dry.

We finally arrived at the parking log. We were in the fourth or fifth car to arrive. The rain has subsided and temperature felt bearable again.

Kristine and Willie arrived a few minutes later. Low fives were thrown. Hugs were exchanged. Dave, Justin, and Jessica were not far behind. More low fives. More hugs.

And there were also a bunch of other familiar faces as well. Chris Skogen made it known that he intended to wear jeans for the ride. This was somehow related to the fact that he was out too late with Hurl the night before. Craig Rittler was also there helping us represent the Banjo Brothers crew. And Podiumwear even sent a couple of their peeps to crush some gravel with us.

So there we were, ready to put the last 87 miles of the #BTriders Fall Season behind us. Then – almost predictably – the rain started when the race started. And it basically persisted all day.

Every once in a while we’d get a respite of sun, but it was quickly washed away by more rain. And fortunately, it wasn’t a pouring rain like Heck, but Heck didn’t have intervals of sleet being driving into our eyes (and accumulating on our sleeves). Badass. And painful.

Then on top of it all – for the first time this season – we misrouted and ended up off course. Upon realizing this, morale dropped; but we soldiered on knowing that the only way out – one way or the other – was onward.

But Miss Fortune was kind to us and we somehow rerouted back to the course at almost the exact same mileage we should have been at had we stayed on course. We were still 30-40 miles out, but still. How. In. The. Heck?

Now, had the weather been better, it would have been an incredibly fun and beautiful ride. It was a great course with fun little towns dotting the colors of the Fall countryside. But the weather was (obviously) not kind. And so I had to keep the rule 5, 6, and 9 top of mind – especially during these conversational loops …

“Can you feel your fingers?”




Dirty girl. The end-of-day shot of my Speedhound’s crank.

But when it was all said and done, I rode 87 miles with 5 with five other 9ers for 6 plus hours. Through rain. And sleet. And snow.

So not only did we obey rules 5, 6, and 9; but we were all USPS up in that B. Take that adversity!

And 2 more #BTriders finished ahead of us. So in total, seven ate 9. Badass. RAWR!

To Adam, Kristine, Willie, Dave, Justin, and Jessica … let me just say that I’m proud of you. I’m proud of us. We all wanted out and we all did our share of complaining, but we didn’t quit. Instead, we dug it and kick the Dirt Bag right in the … well, the dirty bag. So thank you and all for an unforgettable experience!

Way to go #BTriders! A job well done, indeed.

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