Using social media is like riding a bike




Using social media is like riding a bike

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Man Riding BikeLearning how to use social media is just like riding a bicycle. It takes guidance and encouragement to learn how to balance and move, followed by time and practice. But once you get a handle on it, it not only becomes easier, but can also help liberate your brand from being stuck in the same gear. Bikes are freedom, after all.


Make it part of your routine

We all know how easy it is to wake up in the morning and decide that sleeping in sounds so much better than riding that 20 mile route you planned. After all, you’ll have plenty of time after work.

And we all know how that works out. You get home and you’re worn out from your day on the job. Working out is the last thing you want to do.

The only way to get out of this cycle of procrastination is to make a schedule and commit to it. Going through your Twitter feed and making Facebook posts is the same thing. It’s easy to put off and forget about unless you have a set schedule that you stick with! So figure out what times work best for you and make a habit of turning those pedals.


The more efficiently you do it, the better results you get

Just riding more doesn’t always make the impact you want, especially if your form is incorrect. In fact, you can hurt yourself if you aren’t doing more to support your overall condition. You need to ride more AND longer. You also need to improve your form and other habits affecting your fitness. The same can be said for posting to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or whatever platform suits your brand.

Don’t overdo it. Too much can be a bad thing, especially if you don’t allow yourself (or your audience) to recover. Posting too much, or positing repetitive content, can irritate your followers and cause their perception of you to become increasingly negative. If you’re not adding value, you’re just clogging up their feed. When you post, be sure it’s content that your followers will appreciate. Don’t badger them with sales offers; try to cultivate a relationship instead. Engage your followers so that they want to seek you out and ride with you.


Results aren’t immediate

It’s an unfortunate truth. Getting out of shape is much easier than getting in shape. You won’t be ready for a 100 mile gravel race after one ride, and you also won’t have a huge following on Facebook right after you start making posts. Getting the most out of your social media requires that you stay devoted to engaging your followers and posting updates. Over time, if done right, your social media platforms of choice should generate more traffic to your blog and/or website.



Social media is like riding a bike. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. But it takes time to build stamina and momentum. And as soon as you stop training, your fitness (and credibility) will fade, making it that much harder to ramp back up. But if you keep it going and simply focus on turning over one mile at a time, it’s amazing how far you can go.


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