Meet the #BTriders




Meet the #BTriders

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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Partial team photo outside of The Four Firkins.

Our original vision was to find a group of 10 riders to help us fly the flag and bring attention to our “cause” – showing ‘Joe 6-pack’ that many of the new cycling races are not just for racers. And more to the point, these events are easier (and more fun) to participate in with friends. However, we were quickly overrun with requests to join the team, causing us to tinker with things a bit.

If this really was going to be an ‘every (wo)man’ team with a  ‘more-the-merrier’ attitude, then we needed to be more inclusive and welcome others wanting to join us. And so we did.

The result is that we find ourselves with a more diverse team than originally planned – which is awesome. And we have a more engaged group – which makes the experience even better!


Our Leaders

Our leaders are definitely not our strongest riders. Rather, they are the guys that most embody the “we refuse to turn this into a race mentality.” And so, you’ll most likely find them at the back of the pack acting as the ‘sweep’ team, making sure that no BT Rider is left behind.

Ben McCoy

Ben is a Principal at Bicycle Theory, a face of MPLS Bike Love, and chief navigator of the #BTriders. He subsequently sends out A LOT of emails.


Adam Turman

Adam Turman is one of the most sought after professional illustrators in the Twin Cities. He also loves him some soup at Peace Coffee Wonderland Park.


Phil Velo

Phil Velo is professional chef, MPLS Bike Love moderator, and local cycling fixture. Everybody knows Phil and Phil knows everybody. And that’s a good thing.


Sponsor Riders

The following riders join us as friends and representatives of our highest contributing sponsors.

Chris Cleveland

Chris is the founder of Speedhound bikes and knows more about bicycles and bike history than just about anybody we’ve ever met.


Greg Neis

Greg is a music-loving friend of the Banjo Brothers. He’s also helping other riders train and prepare for Almanzo.


Bjorn Christianson

Bjorn works for Bicycle Theory, helps represent MPLS Bike Love, and enjoys taking pictures of cats and tacos (preferably together).


Event Riders

These yahoos are friends and colleagues that have committed to buying a jersey, turning out to rides, and throwing low-fives with us during one or more of our planned “Spring Tour” events.

Kristine Larsen

Kristine is a VP over at Podiumwear custom team apparel. Gravel is new to her, but she’s known to dominate the single-track.


Willie Humke

Willie is an elementary school teacher, Kristine’s better half, and a bonafied unicorn wrestler. He’s also got a great pair of gams! Can’t stop. Won’t stop.


Ben Lagerquist

Phil Liggett once said of him, ‘Who is that guy in the llama costume, and why is he following me?’ He then blackened Ben’s eye.


Dave Knox

“Buffalo” Dave Knox is a Portland transplant who knows too much about Champagne glasses and represents the Penn Cycle crew. Allez! Allez!


Jessica Baltzley

It’s hard to keep a good woman down. Banged up or not, Jessica is keeps moving forward and had endurance riding down to a science.


Justin Schuetz

Justin has been known to ride 50+ miles just to attend (and finish) a 100-mile race. He also looks like Grizzly Adams and shares that ‘special kind of way with animals.’


Alex Anderson

Mr. Anderson is a Bike Fixation guy with a passion for cycling infrastructure. He also takes ‘tree hugging’ very literally.


Landon Bouma

A Web developer for Cyclopath, Landon can route and ride with the best of them.


Greta Alquist

Greta is kindness wrapped with a bow. But don’t think for a second she can’t cover ground.


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