SEO 2013 – Part 2: Additional Reference




SEO 2013 – Part 2: Additional Reference

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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As an extension of my recent SEO 2013 article (as well as some of our other articles related to the topic), one would think SEO is as important as ever. Now, that may or may not be the case. Opinions on the ‘SEO is dead’ topic abound; but since the New Year, more and more articles about SEO are hitting my feeds. And more and more of these articles are tying social media into the equation.

When discussing Internet Marketing, I generally try to keep topics like SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, Blogging, and Email Marketing as separate as possible to simplify the discussion. But the reality is, all of these topics (and more) overlap, become intertwined, and the lines between them start to blur.

Case in point: Here’s an article about ‘content marketing and SEO.’ Leading up to this point, Internet marketers (or IMs for short) often differentiated or discussed SEO and content marketing as related but generally distinct – ‘on page’ versus ‘off page’ SEO. Additionally, some IMs include PPC (or pay-per-click advertising) in the ‘off page’ discussion and/or refer to all of these things as part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Still others might argue that SEM is an outdated term because brand should not be marketing to Search Engines at all, but to people. And so it goes.

The reality is, all of these various and sundry components are simply part of the broader Internet Marketing conversation. And since the world keeps spinning and things keep changing, each of us is allowed to slice that pie however we like. But in 2013, most experts agree that social media signals are going to become ever more important.

So as a matter of ongoing discussion – and to help our clients make heads and tails of all this – here are some additional articles to help you understand SEO, how it overlaps with other forms of Internet Marketing, and gather some new ideas for 2013.

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