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SEO 2013

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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In 2013, three things seem sure for the evolution of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

  1. Content will continue to be king
  2. Search engines will continue to get smarter
  3. Social media will continue its steady march toward being a marketing requirement for all brands

This is all speculation, of course. But if the history of technology has taught us anything, it’s that change is an inevitable requirement – especially when it comes to SEO and Internet marketing. So it may be time for your brand to get its house in order.


It’s all about good, relevant content. Professional content that addresses the challenges of your target audience is great, but so is lighter and more anecdotal content about your brand, industry, or chosen profession. Good content helps you connect with your audience and vice versa. So don’t just focus on the boring stuff. Make the time to create, find, and share content that gets you excited.

Search Engines

Google has shaken search engine rankings up over the past couple of years and it will continue to do so. After all, its whole job is to deliver the best, most relevant results to its users. That means finding and creating new ways to cut through the clutter. And part of that innovation appears is the inclusion of of social indicators, particularly from Google+. So we highly recommend getting on the Google+ bandwagon – especially you content authors out there.

Social Media

For social media more broadly, its no longer good enough to just show up at the party. Participation will be key. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest are all still jockeying for the time and attention of users – as are all brands. But these are all well trafficked sites, which means (1) your brand needs to be there and (2) it needs to start throwing out the vibe (see Content above).


So beyond the tools, consider a broader Internet Marketing strategy that includes a content and social media strategy. And don’t just publishing and promoting your own content when you have it. The stuff that often gets the most attention (or “goes viral”) is the peripheral content that comes from engaging with others that share your interests.


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