Social Media vs. Email Marketing




Social Media vs. Email Marketing

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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When it comes to Internet Marketing, social media and email marketing tools are part of the same family. Before social media came into this world, email was the preferred method of ‘new media’ communication. But like generations within a family, a new generation invariably crops up and preferences start to shift. This doesn’t mean that the old tools are no good; nor does it mean the new tools are better. It simply means that you should consider what tools are right for your brand based on who you’re trying to reach.

Social Media Marketing

Social media tools are definitely the kids in this metaphor and have become second nature to the younger generations of Internet users.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are great tools for promoting and aggregating content; however, the primary benefit of these tools the ability to interact with audiences in ‘real time.’ And platforms such as YouTube and Flickr are ideal for sharing specific types of content (videos and photos) that can be embedded into a blog.

Email Marketing

By metaphorical contrast, email marketing is the parent. And like a parent, it can have a significant impact on your Internet marketing efforts.

Email use is generally strongest with older Web users that don’t want to actively managing or participating in multiple social media spaces. Email marketing requires virtually no effort on the part of the subscriber. Recipients simply have to wait for an email to turn up in their inbox and can attend to them on their own schedule.

As a result, email marketing is a great tool for providing a summary of content published over a period of time (i.e. monthly). And unlike social media, it gives you far greater control over the visual presentation.


For many brands, blogging and social media are enough – especially those trying to reach “more connected” and youthful audiences. However, many Internet users still prefer email to other forms of communication, which is why email marketing is far from irrelevant.

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