Internet Marketing 101




Internet Marketing 101

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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In the most conventional sense, Internet marketing is all about casting a wide net (online) that leads brings people back to your website. Granted, your website isn’t always the end destination; but like any form of marketing, the main objective is to deliver targeted (and hopefully valuable) messages to your audience to improve brand awareness.

From a brand building perspective, Bicycle Theory generally recommends that brands use their website as ground zero – providing for and supporting the main objective of your brand – converting prospects into customers.  By extension, we generally recommend that brands publish new and timely content via a blog that can be fed to the website via RSS. This way, the blog content doesn’t compete with the core business function of the website. It also helps keep the website remain uncluttered and unencumbered – which is particularly beneficial for touch-friendly design. And finally, we recommend that clients promote their content (as well as participate in related conversations) using social media tools, including email marketing.

By leveraging multiple tactics and platforms, you empower audience to interact with your brand based on their preferences – including RSS, social media, and email.

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Bicycle Theory is a brand marketing company located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN. Bicycle Theory provides strategic and tactical brand marketing services, including Web design and development, Internet marketing, brand strategy, and identity building.

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