The Benefits and Pitfalls of Email Marketing




The Benefits and Pitfalls of Email Marketing

Posted By: Ben McCoy
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Humans are visual creatures. People are simply more attracted to images than text. So a graphic-based email message (in whatever form) is more likely to be noticed and remembered than a standard text-based message.

From brand marketing perspective, the benefit of HTML email marketing is that you can leverage your identity to reinforce your brand and appear more professional. And unlike social media, email marketing gives you more control over your message. You choose the images. You choose the format. You determine the text length.

But beyond images and formatting, most HTML email marketing systems also provide valuable tools to help make sure your messages are reaching their intended audience.

  • Mailing list management – Most email management platforms include automated mailing list management tools that allow users to unsubscribe, eliminate redundant addresses, and allow you to segment your lists.
  • Tracking / reporting – Most email management platforms include reporting tools that allow users to track and monitor campaign results such as the number of opens, the click-through rate, and the bounce rate.
  • Variable data – Many email management platforms provide the tools (sometimes as an ‘add on’ feature) to tailor the content within an email to the preferences of individual subscribers.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Email marketing seems simple, but using it effectively is not quite as easy.

  •  Less is more – You don’t want to overwhelm your users. Too many graphics (and large graphics) can create frustrating delays for subscribers by increasing the size of the email. And too much text will turn most recipients off before they read the first sentence.
  • People hate SPAM – Like with any form of marketing, people hate having their inbox stuffed with crap they didn’t ask for. So it’s important to be aware of certain email marketing best practices before sending out a flurry of messages.

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