Social Media Strategy: 5 things to check before you get social




Social Media Strategy: 5 things to check before you get social

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A checklist to see if your site is ready for social mediaWhile you don’t HAVE to have a website to participate in social media, it helps. Here are a few things to check for to make sure your website is ready for you to be sharing its content online.

Make sure your website is SEO Ready

In August we talked a lot about Search Engine Optimization. Does your site us meta tags, titles, and keywords? Many social networking sites pull from your page description when sharing information. If you have your site set up with the proper titles and descriptions, odds are your site will be more visually share-friendly when people put links to your site on their respective pages.

Are sharing tools incorporated on the pages of your site?

Can I tweet your page to my followers? Can I “like” it and share it with my Facebook buddies? The more share-friendly your site is, the more likely people are to share it! (It sounds silly, but copying a URL and pasting it to a Facebook page kinda IS too much work, in terms of user friendliness and website clickability.)

How does your site look when it’s presented?

Do you have images on a page that come through when you share it? Are your titles catchy and captivating? Keep sharing in mind when you’re writing your content and write things that are going to be engaging, or at least – short, sweet, and accurate.

How will you track success? Conversions conversions conversions!

We talked about this a little bit in the last post – but what are your conversions going to be? Are you going to get people to become donors, volunteers, and participants? Knowing what you’re hoping to get out of it is going to be half the battle, because then you can ask yourself the question: How easy is it for them to find what they need? If you’re looking for volunteers but you have NO information about that on your site, you’ve got some work to do before you post! Get the content on your site in order before you go doing things that are directing people to it!

Something to think about: Re-evaluating your newsletter strategy

So, now you’re going to have a super online presence and be virtually on the ball, communicating with people at lightening speed! Well … what about that lovely newsletter you used to send every month or quarter? Are you going to ditch it entirely, or keep sending out what has become “old news?” As you start your Social Media Strategy, make sure you have a plan in place for what you’re going to do with your old strategy. My suggestion? Turn your newsletter into a well-branded time capsule, and have it be a report/review of the period’s major events and stories. Post archives of it online, so you still get SEO benefit from it, and people can peruse your archives at their leisure.


Jamie Schumacher is Bicycle Theory’s Internet Marketing & Nonprofit Strategist. She’s also our resident blogging and social media expert! To find out more about creating or improving your online presence, contact Bicycle Theory!

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