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Blog Basics: Blog Resources

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Blog News - ImageFirst you start out with a small blog, not even sure how often you’ll update it. Next thing you know, you’re at a restaurant thinking how you can’t wait to articulate your activity creatively online later in the evening. You wake up in the middle of the night with ideas for your next product post. You find that people are reading your business blog and commenting on your most testimonial posts with such gusto and interest you can’t help but want to share even more.

You want each post to be better and better. You want to know what the latest trends are and when people are reading the most, so you can time your blog posts accordingly.

Well I have great news for you.

Like me, there are a lot of people blogging about blogging. As we bring this blogging series here to a close, I leave you with five of my favorite blogging news sources, so you can continue to get your blogging fix.


Problogger offers tons of tips and tricks to help get you blogging better. They even wrote a book about it – 31 days to build a better blog.


Build a better blog also offers tips and tricks for your business blog – from guestblogging to ghostwriting.


Well written posts on not just blogging tips, but writing also. This is a great site for those who want to learn more about writing website copy in an easy-to-read, captivating way.


Tips, tricks, and professional advice.


Last but not least, Blog Herald, which is the news-news source for bloggers. They post not only some of the most helpful articles out there, but also global news on the blogging industry as a whole. It’s a testament to how far blogs really have come.

And you can also always come to Clovis-Town where we’ll continue to update our clients with helpful tips. Our next month’s topic will be Social Media! Can’t wait.

Jamie Schumacher is Bicycle Theory’s Internet Marketing & Nonprofit Strategist. She’s also our resident blogging expert! To find out more about creating or improving your blog, contact Bicycle Theory!

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