Love and Blogging – 9 Wedding Blog Tips




Love and Blogging – 9 Wedding Blog Tips

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CoupleOnBikeIn five can’t-come-soon-enough days, I will be getting married. (Woohoo!) And because I’m such a nerd, one of the most fun parts about wedding planning for me was setting up and updating our wedding blog.

While not all of these wedding blog tips will apply to Bicycle Theory clients across the board, some of them are helpful when setting up a blog in general. And I’m also pretty sure the people in those businesses may be getting married some day.

So, in celebration of my upcoming wedding (and yours – future wedding bloggers) here is a list of things to consider when planning your wedding blog.

1) How PUBLIC do you really want to be?

When you first set up your blog, you are given an option. “Do you want this blog to show up in search engines.” Well… do you?

Are you going to be posting EVERYTHING about your wedding? Is there anything you might not want a future employer, ex boyfriend or girlfriend, or kooky uninvited family member to see?

I created a blog as a resource for friends and family to find out about our wedding, and as a way to preserve the experience and planning process. I wasn’t planning to turn in into enterprise like A Practical Wedding. I didn’t want everybody on the internet to find my blog, so I decided to turn this feature off.

You should at least know this option exists.

2) Include a nice, recognizable photo

Let’s face it… you’re not the only special couple out there. Help guests identify your blog quickly, easily, and without question with a nice photo. Sounds obvious right?

3) Registry links

Help your guests know where to go and what to do by including links or information about your registry somewhere online.

4) Updates – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Where are you at with your planning? What wedding news do you have? Friends and family – especially those you don’t see often – will enjoy the option of staying abreast.

Let’s face it, sometimes wedding planning is not the easiest thing in the world. What were some of your prouder or perhaps not-so-proud moments? While you don’t want to turn your blog into a whine-fest, a humorously written post about a crazy dress experience might be something your family is very interested in reading.

5) Unique things about your area

You may be having family visit from out of town. Maybe they’ve never been to the area and could use a few good ideas? Sure, they could look online – but what better than a recommendation from you about where to go and what to do?

6) Links to your social networking sites

Giving family a way to connect with you and your better half is a great way to keep the lines of communication open. For me, I found that people tended to avoid contacting “the bride” with little questions, and they were happy to have a second person to contact (or befriend on Facebook.)

7) Where to stay

Maybe the hotels recommended online aren’t your favorites, or maybe you know the inside scoop. Posting information about your recommended guests – or even better, the hotel where you have rooms blocked off – is very helpful for your wedding blog readers!

8 ) The Date!

Unless you’ve got a secret wedding planned (in which case… why have a blog?) it’s nice to have a date somewhere on your site, so you can build up to the moment!

9) What’s Next

When your wedding stops, that doesn’t mean your blog has to. Use your wedding blog as a way to thank guests after your wedding, post wedding photos, share honeymoon photos or life updates after The Big Day.

Jamie Schumacher is Bicycle Theory’s Internet Marketing & Nonprofit Strategist. She’s also our resident blogging expert! To find out more about creating or improving your blog, contact Bicycle Theory!

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