Blog Basics: Creating Stellar Content




Blog Basics: Creating Stellar Content

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writingI spend a lot (okay, probably too much) time reading blogs.

I also spend a lot (once again, probably too much) time writing blogs.

And I’ve been doing both for a very, very long time. There are loads of tutorials out there about writing great, search-friendly content. But as search engines change and evolve – like literature, what will withstand the test of time is stellar content.

And there are ways to make sure what you are writing is not just great for your business – but a good piece of prose, period. If you write well and with persuasion, that’s what will keep people coming back to your blog, and will help you stand out as an authority over time. Here are a few recommendations based on some of the best blogs out there.

Write with Character

Nobody wants to read mundane blog posts with boring information could have easily been yoinked from Wikipedia. If you run a personal blog, people are interested in YOU and your stories. If you’re writing for your business, people are interested in the person behind those products or services. You don’t have to be Mr. Charasmatic, but at least let some of your uniqueness shine through.


and until I found this picture, I probably couldn't have even told you what team he played for.

Be Transparent

I know absolutely nothing about football. I have seen the movie Rudy twice and I liked it very much. With that, you have the extent of my football related knowledge.

If I tried to write a post espousing my knowledge of football, it would be (1) pretty boring and (2) pretty thin. And god forbid anyone ask me a question! If you write transparently, it will trigger greater trust from your readers, better questions from those who choose to ask, and more protection should you ever get called out on your shortcomings. (Hey – never said I was a movie buff, either!)

Quality vs. Quantity

Write longer blog posts! Don’t be too wordy! More pictures! Fewer pictures! You can find an article voting for every direction you can think of. Here’s my opinion: quality is far superior to quantity. If your blog post is captivating and excellent, people just might read 10 paragraphs! If your blog post is boring, even the shortest sentence in the world won’t save you.

Use Visualization

Pictures are worth 1,000 words, right? Well, what if you don’t have pictures? What if your pictures are just boring? That’s because it’s not just a mishmash of pictures and words. It’s all about visualization.

See what I did there? I made you pause on that word. You can use visualization cues in your blog without even necessarily bringing pictures into the mix. They make your blog less boring to the eye, and more entertaining to the brain.

Be Timeless

And last but not least, be timeless. Great works of literature will transcend generations, and the same goes for online writing. “But what if it’s an event?” you say. “How can it be timeless if it’s about something that already happened?” You can still capture the moment. Using imagery, succinct but interesting descriptions, you can still provide interesting content about what the event entailed. There is a plethora of white noise on the internet. Make your contribution to the pool worth more than a buzz.

Jamie Schumacher is Bicycle Theory’s Internet Marketing & Nonprofit Strategist. She’s also our resident blogging expert! To find out more about creating or improving your blog, contact Bicycle Theory!

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